Build Legal Awareness and Cultivate Compliance Culture– Legal Department conducts special training on “Company Law and Corporate Governance”

In order to further carry out the construction of the compliance management system, strengthen the internal management of the enterprise, promote the compliance operation of the enterprise in accordance with the law, and standardize the corporate governance of our company and its subsidiaries. On the afternoon of August 13, our legal department organized a training on company law and corporate governance, which was attended by all the middle and senior managers of our company.

Li Jing, manager of the legal department, revolves around the three parts of “Company and Company Law”, “three meetings, rights and obligations and relationship of senior executives”, “company establishment, articles of association and corporate governance”, combined with vivid case analysis and on-the-spot questioning, systematically explains the knowledge closely related to corporate governance, so that people have a clear understanding of the corporate structure, the responsibilities of the three meetings and the importance of corporate governance. It plays a strong guiding role in practical work. She stressed that the articles of association is the “constitution” of the company, the basic principle for the establishment and activities of the company as a legal person, and the main basis for standardizing the organizational form and code of conduct of the company. Corporate governance is based on the rule of law, and companies should comply with the law in all their business activities.

Yuan Kehua, the general manager, gave a lively management lesson for all middle managers. First of all, he introduced the situation of the company, the general situation of the industry, the development of the pharmacy and the company’s 14th five-year Plan goals. Then it was said that leading party building and adhering to compliance is the “ballast stone” of our company. The rapid development of the company not only benefits from the continuous strengthening of party building, but also can not be separated from the improvement of compliance culture, education and risk management ability. what’s more, it is inseparable from the hard work of a team of employees who dare to work hard and are willing to work hard. He pointed out that as a manager, he should always bear in mind the requirements of the “two musts,” always maintain the style of modesty, prudence, not arrogance, and not impetuous, always maintain the style of hard struggle, be not proud in the face of achievements, and never retreat in the face of difficulties. It is hoped that all middle-level cadres can strengthen their legal awareness while rectifying the wind and discipline, establish a rigorous work attitude and compliance consciousness, put the concept of compliance into their minds, and perform their post duties well with the concept of the rule of law, so as to really make the management effective and efficient.

This year is the year of compliance management of our company. taking the construction of internal control and compliance as an opportunity, the company follows the working idea of “building culture, resisting risks, strengthening ability and promoting development”. We will solidly promote the construction of internal control system, compliance management, supervision and inspection, scientific decision-making and standardized operation, constantly improve the level of internal control management, and advocate the compliance culture of “all staff take the initiative to comply and create value for compliance”. It provides a strong support for the high-quality development of the company. Next, the company will continue to grasp the new development stage, implement the new development concept, continue to carry out all kinds of compliance activities, and build a good development pattern.