Liaoning Pharm &Liaoya Legion had successfully concluded the Young Pioneer Summer Camp

On sweltering summer days,
a group of teenagers
standing tall and straight In the scorching sun.
In the gentle breeze,
the little soldiers are in
sweaty clothes on the lawn.
The young eagle is
transformed here.The dream sets sail here.


From July 24 to 28, our company’s labor union and Liaoya Legion military experience Base held a Young Pioneer Summer Camp to provide an exercise platform for our company’s employees’ children and make their summer vacation more meaningful. After five days of training and baptism, the children learned how to become an excellent little soldier, tempered the character of tenacity, independence and self-improvement, and the will not to admit defeat and not afraid to lose. He cultivated the fighting spirit of facing difficulties and striving courageously, as well as the unity spirit of mutual help and sincere cooperation, and completed a growth and training with self-confidence and persistence.


Let’s enjoy the elegant demeanor of the little soldiers together.

Housekeeping arrangement.
Cultivate a good habit of taking care of yourself


Military skills training.
Let children learn to be self-reliant and self-reliant and understand teamwork.


Valiant and valiant gallop battlefield’s


Wonderful moment  


Closing ceremony

Although the happy time is short, the exercise and harvest that children get from it will always accompany them to grow up and inspire them to love life and learning. In the face of challenges, sweat and blood, they will continue to complete their transformation. They will be fearless in the face of any difficulties!