Wang Linxiang, head of the Great Eastern District, and his entourage came to our company for investigation

On July 19, Wang Linxiang, the head of the Dadong District, Zhao Jinlin, director of the Bureau of Commerce, Qu Na, deputy director, and Qu Fei, secretary of the Party work Committee of Shangyuan Street, came to our company for research and guidance to fully understand the current situation of enterprise operation and development. conduct in-depth exchanges with the company leaders on further promoting the development of the enterprise, and Yuan Kehua, the company’s general manager, Chen Guihua, the deputy general manager, and Jiang Dan, the manager of the integrated office, attended the research meeting.

On behalf of our company, Yuan Kehua welcomed the arrival of district mayor Wang Linxiang and thanked the leaders at all levels in the Great East District for their long-term support and concern. Subsequently, he made a detailed report on the basic situation of the enterprise, the production and operation in recent years, the development of party building work and the direction of future development. After listening to the report, district mayor affirmed the contribution of Liaoning Pharm to the economic construction and development of Dadong District, and introduced the planning and prospects of Dadong District from the aspects of economic development, scientific and technological innovation, urban and rural construction, business environment, etc. In the future, an integrated and modern industrial agglomeration area will be built, and enterprises will be encouraged to aim at the direction, give full play to their advantages, seize opportunities and capture the market under the good living, production and ecological environment of Dadong District. Continue to become bigger and stronger.

Yuan Kehua said that the Great East District has given us a very good development environment, and the company will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, create a more solid pharmaceutical circulation service platform, and through in-depth cooperation with leading pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad, bring more and better new products to the people of Liaoning and Shenyang, improve drug accessibility and benefit more people. In the future, we will also work with the Great East District hand in hand and coordinated development to protect the economic development of the Great East District.

The district mayor and his entourage also visited the company’s honor exhibition area, party member activity room, labor union activity room and staff canteen.