Deputy minister Zhang Xin and her party from the Organization Department of the Dadong District Committee came to our company for research and guidance

On May 19, Zhang Xin, deputy minister of the Organization Department of the Dadong District CPC Committee, qu Yaocheng, deputy director of the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, qu Fei, secretary of the Party work Committee of Shangyuan Street, and a party of seven people came to our company for research and guidance to understand the needs of enterprises and discuss the development of enterprises. exchange how to give full play to the practical role of party building work, and better integrate party building with enterprise management.

Yuan Kehua, general manager of our company, Chen Guihua, deputy general manager, and members of the branch attended the research meeting. Yuan Kehua welcomed the arrival of Minister Zhang and her party on behalf of our company and thanked the district party committee for its long-term support and concern. then he reported on the basic situation of the enterprise, the production and operation in recent years, the development of party building and the direction of future development. After fully understanding the situation of the enterprise, Zhang Xin put forward guiding suggestions on the problems that may arise in the business process of the enterprise, especially the work of party building, and shared her good practices and experiences in carrying out party building activities. She pointed out that this survey is a key action for the district party committee to go deep into the enterprise, take the initiative, and solve difficult problems for the people. She hopes that Liaoning Pharm and the district party committee and the street party work committee can strengthen communication and carry out party building activities with characteristics. we should always give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members among the masses and the fighting bastion role of party branches, truly focus party building on doing practical things and doing good things for employees, promote development through party building, and dominate the overall situation.

Yuan Kehua said that our company will timely and accurately grasp policies, pay close attention to party building in enterprises, and in its future work, it will further strengthen communication with higher-level organizations, work together, promote common progress, and make greater contributions to the economic development of the Great East District.

After the meeting, deputy minister Zhang Xin and her entourage visited the party member activity room, the labor union activity room and the staff canteen.