Build consensus and make progress hand in hand | the first Nutrition House of Nutricia in the three provinces of Northeast China has officially settled in SHANGHAI PHARMA Tongshan Pharmacy

On April 16, the “Nutrition House” project jointly established by SHANGHAI PHARMA Tongshan  Pharmacy and Nutricia held an unveiling ceremony. At this point, the first “Nutrition House” laid out by Nutricia in the three eastern provinces officially settled in SHANGHAI PHARMA Tongshan  Pharmacy Tianci Street Store. To provide consumers with a full range of services from screening, guidance, trial drinking and medication guidance, starting from the daily consumption scene, focusing on the topic of nutrition and immunity, to convey reasonable dietary advice and scientific concept of healthy life to more consumers.

Promoting the popularization of health nutrition science and applying professional health nutrition experience to the new retail scene is the latest exploration of the innovative service model of SHANGHAI PHARMA Tongshan  Pharmacy. In the future, pharmacies will further bring more practical and perfect health concepts and healthy nutrition solutions to the people with more advanced scientific means and reliable products and services.