Sanofi & Liaoning Pharm: Yamoli ®Project launch meeting

On January 15, the launch meeting of Sanofi Morley ®project was held in the conference room of Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation. Sanofi North second district business district manager Gao Hong, senior business manager Gu Hongli, Liaoning Pharm general manager Yuan Kehua, deputy general manager Zhang Jie and purchasing and sales related personnel attended the meeting. The two sides reached agreement on high-quality project implementation and continued good cooperation.

Yuan Kehua, general manager of Liaoning Pharm, first thanked Sanofi for choosing Liaoning Pharm on the Yamori grass-roots project, reflecting Sanofi’s importance and trust in Liaoning Pharm. We hope that after that, we can draw on our collective wisdom and cooperate with each other, actively promote the landing of the project, let more patients use Sanofi’s good medicine, and let the project benefit more people. Gao Hong, manager of the Business District of North second District, thanked Liaoning Pharm for its support to Sanofi as always. Sanofi will have many innovative drugs to be introduced to the market in the future. I hope that in the new year, the two sides can work together to win and work hand in hand to achieve more satisfactory results.

Gu Hongli, senior business manager of Sanofi, made a detailed introduction and in-depth interpretation from the project background, broad market characteristics, market strategy, manufacturer support and requirements, as well as a series of business policies and related channel projects. so that the participants have an in-depth understanding of the overall situation of the project.

Zhang Jie, deputy general manager of the company, put forward the specific requirements of “seeing things early, acting quickly, pushing forward with all our strength, and giving full play to value” on the promotion of the project. It is hoped that the relevant personnel will try their best to do a good job in the project and reflect the commercial value of the company.

The two sides also had an in-depth exchange on the overall planning, organization and coordination of the project and the problems that will be encountered in the implementation of the project, laying a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the project in the later stage. In the new year, the two sides will continue to cooperate sincerely, move forward hand in hand, seek common development and create resplendence bravely.